They’ve been a Deputy for how long?!

4 Apr

One of the key challenges facing the Board of Deputies is the large number of Deputies who have served for decades. In many cases Deputies have offered their services with the best of intention.

But the Board cannot remain a Sunday morning club for the select few.

The Board is at its best when a blend of Deputies across the age groups are able to engage in sensible debate as to how best to represent the Jewish community.

But by allowing Deputies to remain for decades on end, the Board does itself a disservice by not providing a space for new Deputies to be able to get involved.

As our graphic shows, it’s not all bad news:37% of Deputies joined during the last three years, and a further 32% have served between 3 and 12 years.

However, the data also shows that nearly half of all Deputies are currently serving their third term or longer, including close to 30 who have served for more than 20 years.




One Response to “They’ve been a Deputy for how long?!”


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    […] The Board has suffered from too many Deputies refusing to stand down and let others lead. Over 20% of Deputies in 2009-2012 were in their fifth triennium, i.e. had been a Deputy for 13 years or longer. We now have a huge […]

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