Technology 1, Scepticism 0

18 May

This is a guest post by Dan Mackenzie. Follow him on twitter @Dan__Mackenzie

I sat down, fired up my laptop, made a cup of tea, found the ustream page, checked the facebook group, and even set up a dedicated column or two on tweetdeck. I was ready!

Then 7.45 rolled past and…

…nothing happened, I was still staring at a black square on ustream, it had all gone wrong, we had made that fatal flaw of relying on technology!

But all was okay, trusty twitter told me that the some of the candidates were just running a little late and we would begin soon (I should have guessed, even from the comfort of my room at uni, it was still a Jewish event). It flickered into life, I saw @theVerbUJS and @ifenster then we flickered back to black. Rinse and repeat and I had a stable livestream of the panel: Technology 1 vs. Scepticism 0

Hustings started well and there was some great commentary of what the candidates were saying on twitter (sometimes even more entertaining and insightful than what the candidates themselves were saying). There was much discussion about involvement of students, female participation and whether those not ‘engaged in the Jewish community’ even deserve to be represented by the board.

There were of course one or two hiccups, the livestream cutting out to show me an advert for Men in Black 3, several times, the audio sounding like there was the sea in the background and the deafening BOOM through my headphones every time someone decided to clap too close to the microphone or camera (@sheldonline I’m looking at you), but overall WOW. This event has shown the BoD how technology can be incorporated into their own events, consider the gauntlet to be laid down.

The best bit is that this challenge of dragging a 250+ year old community organisation into the 21st century seems to have been accepted. Conversations towards the end of hustings and tweets afterwards suggest that the elections on Sunday will be livestreamed and have their own hashtag (#BoD I think) allowing anyone, anywhere in the world with a smartphone or laptop to take part. Now that’s progress, this is how change will happen. I might even need to set up another tweetdeck column…

So that’s my experience of not only watching, but interacting with a hustings event in London all the while sitting comfortably in Leeds. I’d just like to thank those who made sure that this happened for not making me choose between massive FOMO or an equally massive 6 hour return train journey.

Let’s make this kind of interactivity at events a standard, not a spectacle.

Dan was writing about the hustings event organised by Changing the Board, the Jewish youth movements and UJS. Click here for more information.


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