Good coverage of our campaign in the Jewish Telegraph

5 Jul

Changing the Board are delighted with the coverage in all of the regional editions of the Jewish Telegraph last week. We have much work still to do but should rightly celebrate our successes as they happen.

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THE Change the Board campaign has already gathered success during Board of Deputies elections.


The grassroots campaign, launched earlier this year by Mancunian Richard Verber, has claimed victory for an increase in the number of women and young deputies.

The Board is representative body of British Jewry.

Mr Verber told the Jewish Telegraph: “The campaign has had an impact on the Board.

“The level of engagement from young people and women has never been so high.

“The key is showing that the Board takes us seriously and not just whingeing about X, Y and Z.”

The proportion of women deputies has risen by more than a quarter, counting for nearly a third of the new cohort, compared to just a quarter in the previous triennial.

However, the average age of deputies appears to have shot up from 60.9 to 62.3 years old.

Mr Verber continued: “Although small in number, we are now playing an important role in holding the honorary officers to account, changing the way the Board does things and will be taking part in the upcoming division elections.

“Changing the Board has never been an ageist group.

“We believe the Board is missing out on talent from young members of the community.

“We have 25 people running in upcoming divisional elections.”

He played down expectations, despite runaway success of the campaign in its first few months.

He explained: “People have questioned what we have really achieved.

“They are correct that there has been no dramatic shift. It was never going to work like that.

“We started with engagement, women and young people.

“Now we have to grapple with the real issues, get involved with the divisions and commit to having regular meetings with the honorary officers.”

Mr Verber, who works for World Jewish Relief, paid tribute to others involved in the campaign.

“It is by no means a one-man band,” he said.

“Full credit must go to the dozens of youngsters going to meetings and getting involved.

“This is a really exciting shift on the Board and it not just focused on London.”


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