Vote Verber: Putting Deputies at the heart of the Board and the Board at the heart of the community

10 May

We’re backing Richard Verber to be vice president of the Board of Deputies. Click here to read his manifesto.

Changing the Board has long argued for a more inclusive Board, leading the British Jewish community. Deputies are our greatest asset and we must do more to empower them to lead.

We believe he has the vision to do just that: to create a representative Board of Deputies, with Deputies at its core. We need to overhaul the dreadful Sunday morning plenaries – at best an irrelevant talking shop, at worst an embarrassment to the Jewish community. We need to turn them into a place of action and decision, with smaller working groups for Deputies to input into pressing matters of the day.

The Board’s governance needs a complete overhaul too: the past three years has seen no strategic plan from the President or the Honorary Officers. This must change. How can we honestly measure the success of the last triennium?

Regional Deputies, for too long the poor second cousins of the London Deputies, need to be better utilised. More money needs to go to the regions and more respect needs to be shown for their time: Sunday morning meetings must be pushed back to 11.30am to allow their trains to arrive.

Having been elected to the Finance and Organisation Division and then to the Board of Deputies’ Executive body, Richard has the experience, and more importantly, the vision, to create a better organisation for everyone. Chairing Limmud Conference and working for UJS and now World Jewish Relief mean he understands the value of cross-communalism and will be able to represent the wide range of views British Jews hold.

To put Deputies at the heart of the Board, and the Board at the heart of the community, vote for Richard Verber on May 17.

Click here to read his manifesto


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