Who are the current Deputies?

Below you will find the names of all the current Deputies and the organisations they represent.

If you’re thinking of standing, why not get in touch with them and see if there is a spare space within their organisation or if they are planning on stepping down?

This list is correct as of February 2012; we will edit this list to reflect the new set of Deputies as soon as the final version is in, probably towards the end of July 2012.

45 Aid Society

Helfgott                       Ben


Kaufman                     Gabriel

Morris                          Henry

Wagerman                 Peter

Allerton Hebrew Congregation                                                                             Liverpool

Lappin                         Avril

Assembly of Masorti Synagogues

Sloboda                      Ivan

Association of Jewish Women’s Organisations – UK

Freedman                   Louise

Barnet Synagogue

Braham                       Syd

Spillman                     Harvey

Belfast Jewish Community

Jaffe                             Steven

Belmont Synagogue

Hirschberger             Hermann

Minsky                        Maurice

Belsize Square Synagogue

Abramson                  John

Moonman                   Eric

Beth Hamidrash Hagadol Synagogue                                                                    Leeds

Surr                              Michael

Beth Shalom Reform Synagogue                                                                      Cambridge

Berkson                      Michael

Birmingham Hebrew Congregation

Lang                            Colin

Birmingham Progressive Synagogue

Rhine                           Jeff

B’nai B’rith

Levine                         Deanna

Borehamwood and Elstree Synagogue

Arkush                        Jonathan

Cohen                         Philip

Genn                            Rowel

Bournemouth Hebrew Congregation

Nathan                        Spencer

Woodward                 Nadine

Bournemouth Reform Synagogue

Dawson                      Gillian

Bradford Synagogue

Bergson                     Phillip

Bridge Lane Beth Hamedrash

Gilmour                       Charles

Bristol and West Progressive Jewish Congregation

Jewell                          David

Bristol Hebrew Congregation

Balint-Kurti                Gabriel

British Friends of Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Sabah                          Mark

British ORT

Zivan                           Noga

Bromley Reform Synagogue

Franklin                      David

Brondesbury Park Synagogue

Abrams                       Hester

Buckhurst Hill Masorti Synagogue

Lawrence                   Nigel

Bushey and District Synagogue

Brass                           Laurence

Offenbach                  Roger

Cardiff Reform Synagogue

Hermer                        Judith

Cardiff United Synagogue

Gewolb                       Sheila

Catford and Bromley Synagogue

Berg                             Geraldine

Central Synagogue                                                                         London

Phillips                        Adrienne

Phillips                        Laurie

Chatham Memorial Synagogue

Lancaster                   Gabriel

Cheetham Hebrew Congregation                                         Manchester

Solomon                     Raymond

Cheltenham Hebrew Congregation

Bazar                           Leonard

Chigwell and Hainault Synagogue

Schwarz                     Kurt

Childwall Hebrew Congregation                                                                           Liverpool

Ostrin                          Anthony

Clayhall Synagogue

Solomons                  Martin

Cockfosters and North Southgate Synagogue

Musgrave                   Peter

Zinkin                          Ann

Colchester & District Jewish Community

Sugarman                  Elizabeth

Community Security Trust

Ben Hur                      Simona

Croydon and District Synagogue

Arbisman                    Stuart

David Ishag Synagogue

Levy                             Jacob

Ealing United Synagogue

Cohen                         Edward

Edgware Adath Yisroel Congregation

Rosenberg                 Robert

Edgware and District Reform Synagogue

Abrahams                  Melvyn

Howard                       Jeffrey

Levitt                           Sheila

Edgware Masorti Synagogue

Rose                            Marilyne

Edgware United Synagogue

Donn                           Norma

Handler                       Danny

Rothbart                     Michael

Edinburgh Hebrew Congregation

Green                          Edward


Frank                           Flora

Exeter Hebrew Congregation

Newgass                    Paul

Federation of Zionist Youth

Gold                             Sasha

Marks                          Joshua

Finchley Central Synagogue

Bernstein                   Ben

Finchley Progressive Synagogue

Tresman                     Janet

Volk                             Stanley

Finchley Reform Synagogue

Farbey                         David

Shackman                  Alan

Finchley Synagogue

Gee                              Trevor

Klahr                            Leonard

Sosnow                      Marc

Gibraltar Jewish Community

Ryan                            Douglas

Giffnock and Newlands Hebrew Congregation                                                Glasgow

Lovat                           Orry

Glasgow Jewish Representative Council

Edlin                            Paul

Isaacs                          Edward

Glasgow Reform Synagogue

Kraven                        Philip

Golders Green Synagogue

Davies                         Jonathan

Mays                            Alan

Guildford and District Jewish Community

Goldberg                    Alexander

Hackney and East London Synagogue

Brook                          Stephen

Hampstead Garden Suburb Synagogue

Feldmann                   Mark

Harris                          Vicki

Kaufmann                  Flo

Lewisohn                   Clive

Wineman                    Vivian

Hampstead Synagogue

Brill                              Arthur

Lewis                           D. Jerry

Hatch End Masorti Synagogue

Kafka                           Edward

Hendon Reform Synagogue

Leaf                              Walter

Levine                         Harry

Hendon United Synagogue

Benjamin                    Malvyn

Jay                               Jeffrey

Owen                           Robert

Highams Park and Chingford Synagogue

Roberts                       Mark

Highgate Synagogue

Cohen                         Adrian

Holy Law South Broughton Congregation                                                    Manchester

Conn                           Russell

Hove Hebrew Congregation

Barsam                       Samuel

Hull Hebrew Congregation

Lewis                           David

Ilford Federation Synagogue

Bookatz                      Frances

Ilford United Synagogue

Nathan                        Malcolm

Jersey Synagogue

Mansfield                    Irene

Jewish Committee for HM Forces

Sharpe                        Danny

Jewish Labour Movement (incorporating Poale Zion)

Ellman                         Louise

Jewish Lads & Girls Brigade

Cirsch                         Richard

Terret                          Norman

Jewish Medical Association (UK)

Taylor                          Irving

Jewish Representative Council of Greater Manchester & Region

Cohen                         Lucille

Jewish Womens Aid

Morris                          Debra

JNF Charitable Trust

Mond                           Gary

Kenton Synagogue

Arad                             Sharon

Kingfield Synagogue                                                                          Sheffield

Lewis                           Roy

Kingsbury Synagogue

Aarons                        Stanley

Kingston, Surbiton and District Synagogue

Assor                           Sydney

League of Jewish Women  – Head Office

Karsberg                    Jean

Leeds Jewish Representative Council

Cohen                         Anthony

Leicester Hebrew Congregation

Peters                          Martin

Liberal Jewish Synagogue

Marmor                       Delia

Salter                           Shelley

Winfield                       Roger

Liberal Judaism

Macdonald                 Stuart

Liberal Synagogue Elstree

Leigh                           Stephen


Lavin                           Dan

Loughton, Chigwell and District Synagogue

Cohen                         Richard

Luton Hebrew Congregation

Tobin                           Frank

Machzike Hadath V’Shomrei Shabbat Synagogue                                 Golders Green

Goldblum                   Jonathan

Maidenhead Synagogue

Blairman                     Leila

Paynter                       Frances

Manchester Reform Synagogue                                                                      Manchester

Rapaport                    Louis

Menorah Synagogue                                                                                           Manchester

Copitch                       Gary

Merseyside Jewish Representative Council

Globe                           Gordon

Middlesex New Synagogue

Reik                             Michael

Mill Hill Synagogue

Broch                          Alan

Dawson                      Adam

Kuperberg                 Samuel

Levene                        Andrew

Movement for Reform Judaism

Gilbert                         Andrew

Humphreys                Brian

Safir                             David

Sassienie                   Neville

Muswell Hill Synagogue

Games                         Stephen

Ner Yisrael Community

Pascoe                        Susan

New London Synagogue

Leifer                           Tony

Lind                             Eleanor

New North London Synagogue

Camissar                    Ben

New West End Synagogue

Schmetterling           Dori

Newbury Park Synagogue

Stanton                       Linda

Newcastle United Hebrew Congregation

Summerfield              Melville

Newton Mearns Hebrew Congregation                                                               Glasgow

Davidson                    Kenny

Nightingale House

Smith                           Leon

North West Surrey Synagogue

Lawrence                   Ivan

North Western Reform Synagogue

Baum                           Jeremy

Naftalin                       Jacqueline

Radley                         Lawrence

Sternberg                   Sigmund

Tamir                           Noam

Northampton Hebrew Congregation

Greenberg                  Bruce

Northwood and Pinner Liberal Synagogue

Mindel                         Leo

Simmons                    David

Northwood United Synagogue

Kraus                          Michael

Norwich Hebrew Congregation

Roffe                            Clive


Fagelson                    Ian

Nottingham Hebrew Congregation

Kirsch                         Mark

Simmons                    Penny

Nottingham Progressive Jewish Congregation

Kochmann                 Ernest

Oxford Jewish Congregation

Harper                         Helena

Palmers Green and Southgate Synagogue

Century                       Jonathan

Past President

Grunwald                   Henry

Kopelowitz                 Lionel

Tabachnik                  Eldred

Wagerman                 Jo

Pinner Synagogue

Jacobs                        James-Guy

White                           George

Plymouth Hebrew Congregation

Goodman                   Stuart

Portsmouth and Southsea Hebrew Congregation

Cooper                        Richard

Radlett and Bushey Reform Synagogue

Starr                             Vicki

Young                         Lana

Radlett Synagogue

Abrahams                  Margaret

Weisser                       Jacques

Reading Hebrew Congregation

Sassoon                     Richard

Representative Council of North-East Jewry

Shaffer                        Bernard

Richmond Synagogue

Cotton                         Anthony

Rodef Shalom Progressive Synagogue (Bedfordshire)

Fox                               Gerald

Romford and District Synagogue

Assistant                    Malcolm

Sale and District Hebrew Congregation                                                         Manchester

Epstein                       Edward

Sandy’s Row Synagogue

Gilbert                         Jack

Scottish Council of Jewish Communities

Borowski                    Ephraim

Shaare Hayim Congregation                                                          Manchester

Simon                          Barbara

Sha’arei Tsedek, North London Reform Synagogue

Lowy                           Brian

Woolf                           Roger

Shenley United Synagogue

Spencer                      Anthony

Shomrei Hadath Congregation                                                  West Hampstead

Goldschmidt              Robert

Sinai Synagogue                                                                                   Leeds

Trovato                       Marilyn

Solihull and District Hebrew Congregation

Epstein                       Jeffrey

South Hampstead Synagogue

Colman                       Jonathan

Katz                             David

Lester                          Denise

South London Liberal Synagogue

Freedman                   Jeromé

South London Synagogue

Harris                          Jane

South Manchester Synagogue                                                             Manchester

Samuels                     Michael

Southampton Hebrew Congregation

Goldstein                    Martin

Southend and Westcliff Hebrew Congregation

Bauer                          Marie

Southgate Progressive Synagogue

Kafka                           Barry

Southport Hebrew Congregation

Moonman                   Gillian

Spanish and Portuguese Jews’ Congregation

Graham                       Jeffrey

Sacerdoti                    Jonathan

Sacerdoti                    Simon

Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue, Holland Park

Khodri                         Isaac

St Albans Masorti Synagogue

Taylor                          Roderick

St Johns Wood Synagogue

Ben Yoav                   Selina

Faiman                        Alex

Gewolb                       Roger

Sharpe                        Linda

Staines and District Synagogue

Stone                           Hilary

Stanmore and Canons Park Synagogue

de Kare-Silver           Nigel

Rosen                         Jeffrey

Stoke-on-Trent and North Staffordshire Hebrew Congregation

Sumberg                    Carolyn

Sukkat Shalom Reform Synagogue

Sugarman                  Simon

Sussex Jewish Representative Council

Seidel                          David

Sutton and District Synagogue

Solomon                     Paul

Swansea Hebrew Congregation

Glass                           Norma


Kraines                       Eldred

Stone                           Danny

Union of Jewish Students

Grabiner                     Daniel

Karp                             Charlotte

Flacks                      Judith

Sheldon                      Daniel

Stone                           Emma

Verber                         Richard

United Synagogue

Brummer                    Alexander

Fraser                          Ronald

Nelkon                        Esther

Sheldon                      Peter

United Synagogue Women

Godfrey                       Anne

University Jewish Chaplaincy

Goldberg                    Uri

Watford and District Synagogue

Solomon                     Allan

Welwyn Garden City Synagogue

Kirsch                         Michael

Wembley United Synagogue

Cumber                       Leila

West End Great Synagogue

Kenward                     Gordon

West London Synagogue

Bradley                       Alan

Cutter                          Michael

Davis                           Marion

Feather                       Anthony

Lynes                          Jack

Western Marble Arch Synagogue

Schmidt                      Yaakov

Silver                           Bernard

Westminster Synagogue

Bernard                      Philippa

Derriey                        Lionel

Whitefield Hebrew Congregation                                                                     Manchester

Sheff                            Sylvia

Wimbledon & District Synagogue

Burton                         Michael

Manning                     Colin


Landau                       Angela

Woodside Park Synagogue

Hoffman                      Jonathan

Shuker                        Edwin

World Jewish Relief

Grunwald-Spier        Agnes

Yeshurun Hebrew Congregation                                           Manchester

Morris                          Ian

Yeshurun Synagogue                                                                    Edgware

Lewis                           Simon

New Deputies since 2012 (if your name is missing from the above list, please do  drop us a line to let us know your details).

Bnei Akiva: Alex Cohen and Noah Nathan

Habonim Dror: Jem Stein

Movement for Reform Judaism: Laura Marks


7 Responses to “Who are the current Deputies?”

  1. Steve April 5, 2012 at 2:19 pm #

    Why are the professional staff at UJS also their deputies? Are they elected?

    • changingtheboard April 6, 2012 at 8:35 am #

      Hi Steve,
      Thanks for taking an interest in the campaign.
      Clause 6 (a) (ii) of the Board’s constitution states that professional staff of member organisations may serve as Deputies. UJS has only recently taken up its full allocation at the Board, hence the staff members. This may well change in the future. In addition, at the February plenary this year, Deputies voted to increase UJS’ allocation to twelve Deputies. These Deputies will all be students, elected from a range of universities in time for the new triennial.

  2. Richard April 6, 2012 at 7:45 am #

    What about listing the Under 35 reps? Just to show that there is some new blood around.

  3. Joel April 12, 2012 at 10:10 am #

    What about registering University Jewish Societies (Jsocs as they are commonly known) separately, not under the umbrella of UJS? A large number of active students currently feel that UJS no longer represents them, or does not have their best interest at heart.

    • changingtheboard April 12, 2012 at 10:39 am #

      Hi Joel, thanks for posting and for your idea.
      UJS did approach the Board with the idea to sign Jewish societies up separately, but the suggestion was instead, for now at least, to double UJS’ representatives at the Board from 6 to 12.
      Check with UJS how they plan on opening these new Deputy positions to students for election and you should definitely consider running for one if you’re still on campus!

      • Richard April 12, 2012 at 2:21 pm #

        One of the current difficulties between the Board and students is that Deputies are elected for three year stints (current elections are happening around now). Any current student elected now would likely no longer be a student before the end of their three year term. This will especially impact anyone who then wants to stand for further election to one of the Divisional groups within the Board, which is where much of the really interesting work gets done. Therefore UJS will have to work with the Board to devise a way to allow students to participate in the Board AND the Divisions.

        As for UJS having 12 Deputies, the idea was not for the UJS elite (sabs and staff) to serve as deputies, but for at least some, if not all, the places be made available for ordinary students to be elected. The Board discussed whether to allocate the new positions directly to individual JSocs, but which ones? Surely it would have been unfair to pick the 6 largest JSocs and tell them they each have a deputy? If a mix of two large, two medium and two small was used then again, which JSocs to choose? Hence, the recommendation was to give UJS the challenge of assigning the allocation fairly. If students don’t like the current arrangement they can take it up with some of the authors of this site!

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